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Frequently Asked Questions

Bad breath comes from many areas of the mouth. It may come from the tonsils, pharynx, tongue, cheeks and gums. Bacteria digest protein and release foul odors and toxins causing bad breath.
Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria lodge under the gum. The bacteria cause inflammation and break down the bone surrounding the teeth.
Dr. Fox uses sophisticated cameras and microscopes to diagnose where the bacterial imbalance occurs. The problem is treated with early stage intervention. The use of periodontal instruments, ultrasonic’s, and individually prescribed anti bacterial medications promote healing and fresh breath; a non surgical approach.
Yes, smell is overwhelmed by the odors that the bacteria emit; substantially reducing the joy of eating and leaving an undesirable taste in the mouth.
It is estimated that at least 50% have bad breath and 75% have periodontal disease.
Infections can potentially lead to serious systemic problems such as arthritis, diabetes, respiratory infections, carotid artery occlusion (stroke), coronary occlusion (heart attack), increase in pancreatic cancer in men, low birth weight babies and premature delivery.
Many people have lost jobs because of offensive breath and it’s effects are very negative in a social setting.
It is estimated to be approximately 99%