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What is Halitosis?

What causes periodontal disease and/or halitosis?

An increase in opportunistic oral bacteria is the most common cause of these persistent and chronic conditions.

The following conditions can add to your symptoms:

  • Poor nutrition
  • Dental Cavities
  • Mouth odors caused by foods that we eat
  • Hunger odors (ketosis)
  • Some prescription drugs
  • Hormonal changes and stress
  • Digestive disorders like GERD or acid reflex

We have what it takes to help!

The Fox System is a uniquely successful individualized treatment program, which is provided in a caring and professional clinical setting. We have helped many patients start new lives after years, or even a lifetime, of living with the resulting halitosis of chronic oral infections.

By screening all of our dental patients, we can diagnose infections in their earliest stages, before they cause permanent bone damage or embarrassing halitosis, and treat them.

Our clinical staff is expertly trained in the science of fresh breath and healthy gums and how to make it work for you. Our patients are always treated with expert care and sensitivity.

We understand the difficulties, social impact, and stress that results from living with bad breath and periodontal problems and welcome the opportunity to change your life.