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Manhattan Fresh Breath TreatmentDr. Fox is an ICON in the dental profession. In partnership with the United States Government and the American Dental Association, he developed many of the products used in oral care today. He is nationally and internationally recognized for revolutionizing oral care. Dr. Fox employed a Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry, The Asst. Surgeon General of The United States, and the Dean of The Harvard School of Dental Medicine.  He is the ONLY Doctor in the United States who taught cosmetic dentistry, and served on the faculties of The Harvard School of Dental Medicine, The NYU School of Dentistry, as an Officer of Harvard University and on a tech board at the University of Pennsylvania. He has frequently appeared on national and international television and has been featured in hundreds of newspapers and magazines. Dr. Fox was honored by Senators, with the United States Medal of Freedom and was the recipient of the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for developing dental products as founder and chairman of Enamelon, Inc. (sold to Church and Dwight). Dr. Fox raised 70 million dollars to develop oral care products that rebuild, strengthen, and restore tooth structure. These products have eased the burden of dental disease (the most common disease known to mankind), all over the world. Dr. Fox and his team developed 64 patents transforming dental care. Today many major oral care companies all over the world emphasize his work in their products. Dr. Fox is referred to as “The Father of 21st Century Dentistry”.

In 2018 Dr. Fox founded Akelos Inc., a biopharmaceutical company that is developing a non-narcotic, non-opioid drug to treat neuropathic chronic pain. His team includes 4 researchers from Weill Cornell Medical, a Nobel Prize Winner in Chemistry, a former United States Senate Majority Leader, former Chief Counsel to the FDA, former Director of Business Development at Harvard University and a world renowned Professor at Harvard Medical. Akelos and Cornell have received 5.4 million dollars in prestigious N.I.H. grants.

Dr. Fox has a proven system for curing chronic bad breath in NYC. Bad breath (Halitosis), bad taste and periodontal disease occur due to a bacterial imbalance in the mouth. It is possible that the bacterial infection can travel through the bloodstream to other areas of the body and contribute to systemic disease. Dr. Fox utilizes high tech diagnostic equipment to analyze the bacterial imbalances of the mouth , and applies his evidence based prescribed treatments, developed over 30 years, to cure bad breath and treat periodontal disease with a non surgical solution. Bad breath is eliminated! Periodontal disease is treated! And the possibility of systemic disease is reduced by the treatment of the oral infection.

Dr. Fox is a recognized innovator in the dental field. He has received the Ernst and Young entrepreneur of the year award for the development of new dental products. His evidence based therapies in the treatment of chronic bad breath and periodontal disease are a paradigm shift in dental care.

Dr. Fox’s therapy is a scientific approach and could change your business and social relationships, leading to self confidence and self esteem.

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Dr. Steve Fox NYC

Park Avenue Breath Treatment Institute

Director: Steven Fox, DDS, FICD, FACD, PC

Original Enamelon toothpaste invented by Dr. Fox at Enamelon, Inc.

Manhattan DentistDr. Fox has been featured in New York Magazine with extensive coverage on his specific treatment for halitosis (chronic bad breath)


Dentistry in the 21st Century by Dr. Steven R. Fox*click image to enlarge

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