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Dr. Steven R Fox, Cosmetic Dentist to the World’s Leaders, Prepares for UN Week in New York City
Dr. Fox establishes protocols and security measures as dignitaries and heads of state prepare to come to New York City for UN week in September.

Dr. Steven Fox Featured in Social Life Magazine
Dr. Fox is called upon by a who’s who of royals, celebrities, and other luminaries to complete the perfect veneers, whitening, or more complicated reconstructions such as implants.

Public Policy & Oral Health: A Whole New Game

Governments, insurers, clinicians and the public must all recognize the changing face of dental medicine
by Sheila Riggs

Invaders & The Body’s Defenses: Gum disease illustrates how local infections may have systemic consequences
By Philip E. Ross

As The Body Ages: When it comes to the complications of oral disease, the elderly are particularly vulnerable
By Frank A. Scannapieco

Our Mouths, Ourselves: As the interrelationship between the mouth and the rest of the body becomes clearer, dental professionals, doctors and patients will need to rethink the term “oral health.”
By Sharon Guynup

Mouthful of Bugs: Pathogenic bacteria are a way of life. So, too, must be brushing and flossing.
By Robert H. Kagan

The ADA’s Take: How the world’s leading dental organization views the growing connections between a healthy mouth and a healthy body.

What Every Woman Needs To Know: Growing evidence suggests that poor oral hygiene during pregnancy can adversely affect the health of newborns.
By Steven Offenbacher

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